Our Mission is to:

Reduce the number of animals entering the shelter by:

  • Providing resources to pet owners

  • Increasing spay/neuter

Treat animals humanely while they are in the shelter’s care by:

  • Guaranteeing strong medical care

  • Providing socialization opportunities

Find forever homes, foster homes or rescues for lost and abandoned animals by:

  • Making information on adoptable animals easily accessible to the public

  • Coordinating volunteers

  • Coordinating pet transports

  • Maintaining strong relationships with local rescue organizations

Return lost pets to their families by:

  • Holding lost pets as long as possible to reunite them with families

  • Reviewing microchipped information on the pet to make contact with the owner, if available

About CAA

Companion Animal Alliance is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2010 to increase the save rate of animals in our community.  In partnership with the East Baton Rouge City-Parish, CAA operates the EBR Parish open-intake shelter, caring for nearly 9,000 animals each year including cats, dogs, horses, wildlife, and exotic animals. CAA has increased the save rate of animals to 70% annually from 20% in 2010.

Some of our programs include:

  • The Pets for Life program modeled by the Humane Society of the United States targets specific low-income zip codes to offer pet education and medical care including spay/neutering. Pets for Life means more animals will stay with their families. With increased education, over time the population of stray and homeless dogs will decrease demonstrating pro-active, preventative sheltering.

  • The Fostering Hope program in partnership with Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center matches foster pets with cancer survivors, providing meaningful therapy to both humans and pets.

  • The Transport program in collaboration with ASCPA and Wings of Rescue helps transport lost and abandoned animals to our Northeastern partner shelters, creating greater space to save more animals at our Baton Rouge shelter. Watch a video of one of our recent flight transports.

  • The Trap Neuter Release program in collaboration with Spay Baton Rouge and the Feral Cat Coalition has returned over 4,000 community cats. Once a cat is spayed or neutered, it no longer needs to mark its territory and their drive to yowl and fight is removed. All that's left is the cat's instinct to protect its neighborhood from mice and snakes.