You can help! Volunteer and Foster



We couldn't do what we do without the help of volunteers! Some come to the shelter regularly, some come less often. Whether they come to work hands-on with our animals or prefer office jobs and yard work, it's all important to us!

We have many groups that volunteer regularly:  sororities and fraternities, churches, LSU's volleyball team and the Vietnamese student club, Girl Scouts, corporate groups, and others.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application. You will receive an email with more information about the orientation and getting involved. 

Groups of 10 or more must make advance arrangements; please complete Group Event Registration and we will get your group scheduled! Questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CAA! Your assistance will help build a better future for Baton Rouge animals.


Interested in getting to know a CAA dog really well? Take one out on a doggie date! Date-a-Dog is an initiative to get the community active and outside while also giving much needed ‘dates’ to our shelter pups. Take them out on a picnic, a walk or jog, to Starbucks, or just for a car ride! The dogs reap major benefits from getting out of their kennels and socializing with the public. You get to know a possible pet better and it also puts them in the public eye where other potential adopters can see them. 

If you’re a new CAA volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application.  You’ll receive an automatic email with information on our training schedule or go to our calendar for more information.

Check out the media coverage on this fun program:

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There are many ways to foster a pet from CAA. Some animals need fostering for only one week to recover from a medical treatment such as spay/neuter. Some go to a home for a weekend to get a bath, some loving, and time outside of the kennel. Others are looking for a place to call home until their new home is found.  

In all cases, the animals benefit greatly from the socialization and in-home living experience, and become much more adoptable.  We are also able to learn more about them and their personalities which makes the match-making process more professional. 

Questions?  Ready to sign up?  Contact our foster coordinator and plan to attend a foster volunteer orientation. Thank you!

One of our successful foster moms has written a  great article sharing her secrets to living with shelter pets and finding them good homes when you have a pet of your own.

She also wrote a heart-felt series of articles about one particular foster dog which brings home the value of fostering.

See the short student video below featuring an active CAA foster, Rachel Robinson. Rachel has found homes for many kittens and more recently, some of the puppies that have come to CAA with their litter mates. The video was a class project and appeared on Tiger Bytes in Feb. 2014. In-home fostering is a great way to volunteer at CAA and help us meet our mission of finding homes for our good pets.

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