Pets for Life

The Pets for Life program modeled by the Humane Society of the United States began in 2015 targeting specific low-income zip codes to offer pet education and medical needs including spay/neuter. Neighborhood residents have greeted our staff and volunteers with enthusiasm and appreciation. Pets for Life means more animals will stay with their families. Over time with TNR, the population of stray and homeless dogs will decrease. This is pro-active, preventative sheltering.

Pets for Life takes our staff and volunteers into areas where there is a lack of accessible, affordable pet care. We offer medical services, education, and a friendly helping hand. The benefits are significant.  Pets and families are happier and closer. Fewer pets end up at the shelter. More animal lives are saved.

Supported by generous donations, CAA’s Pets for Life focuses on the 70805, 70802, and 70807 zip codes, our highest animal intake area. We provide free spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, information, and resources. The team builds trust and relationships.  We have been known to undertake tasks such as fencing, kennel repairing, teaching training techniques, and how to leash walk.  The word spreads fast! Other neighbors want to see us. We are welcomed back. Everybody loves their pets!

Pets for Life is pro-active. It is preventative sheltering. By helping families keep their pets and have them spay/neutered, shelter intake is reduced. We have more resources to spend on care and finding good homes for our other animals. This program has been successful in communities around the country. We are excited to see its success in Baton Rouge.