Positive Alternatives to Surrender (PASS)

Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender (PASS) works with the public in East Baton Rouge Parish to help families who are having trouble keeping their pets find a better solution than bringing them to the parish shelter (CAA). The shelter is a loud and frightening place for pets who are used to a home environment.  

PASS was created so that pet owners can find ways for their animals to stay home or find a new loving home.  The program offers assistance such as information on low cost medical options, help with behavior problems, advocating on their behalf, lost and found guidance, or rehoming.  

PASS is not a foster program and does not have a facility to house animals during a rehoming process.  Owners must be able to keep the pet while alternatives are being researched.  

PASS is an all-volunteer program. 

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Please keep in mind that PASS will work only with pet owners from East Baton Rouge Parish.  

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