Spay/Neuter Information


CAA receives over 8000 unwanted animals every year.  While we try our hardest to find homes, rescues or fosters, many must be euthanized because there simply aren’t enough families to adopt them nor space in the shelter to keep them.  To spay or neuter is the most humane and logical way to decrease this number.  

On average, animals produce 10 offspring per year which means 100 offspring the next year, and so on.  Studies show that consistent efforts to spay/neuter animals can have a significant impact on shelter intake levels within 6 to 7 years.  Any veterinarian can perform this surgery.  

Low-cost options in the Baton Rouge area include:

Available to everyone:


Available for those in financial need:

If you have neighborhood cats needing spay/neuter, contact us.  We are proud to work with partner Spay Baton Rouge to reduce the population of community cats through spay/neuter!