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Fostering Hope


a program of mary bird perkins our lady of the lake cancer center

The human-animal bond enriches our lives in many ways, including physical and emotional benefits. The Fostering Hope program brings the healing effects of pet companionship to cancer survivors and their family members while providing a temporary home to an animal in need. There is no cost to foster an animal. All food, veterinary and other expenses are covered by generous donors. Consider bringing a loving animal into your home today!

Our survivorship team works with professional foster counselors from Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge to evaluate placement and resources to find the right pet for you. 


Benefits of fostering pets include:
•    comfort and companionship
•    emotional and physical healing
•    lessened feelings of isolation
•    no long-term commitment
•    increased physical activity
•    improved mood
•    animal’s life enriched

For more information, call (225) 215-0182 or email