2017 Donors

CAA would not be able to do what we do without the support of individuals and businesses in our community.   Some donate for sick or injured animals.  Others pitch in to help us cover simple but important expenses like office supplies and truck repairs.  Several give repetitively.  We also receive personal deliveries or Amazon shipments of needed items like blankets, towels, newspapers, food and more.  Many, many contribute under $100. We appreciate each and every one!  This page will show monetary gifts of $100 and more.  We thank you one and all.

We want to recognize donors correctly!  If you are listed incorrectly, or if you are not listed and should be, please contact us so we can make it right.  Email inquiries@caabr.org.

Capital Campaign - CAA2018!*

$3,000,000 Baton Rouge Area Foundation

$2,000,000 - $2,999,999 Carole and Charlie Lamar

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 Tom and Lisa Adamek, Louisiana State University

$500,000 - $999,999 Antunovich Associates, Lemoine Construction

$250,000 - $499,999 Commercial Properties, Vera Olds, Irene W. & C.B. Pennington Foundation, The Reilly Family, Jennifer and Sean Reilly Family Fund, Stantec Engineering

$100,000 – $249,999 Marianna Barber in memory of Buck Barber; Nadine Russell Carter; Cathy, Holly and Camille Coates in honor of their parents; The Frost Foundation in honor of Mary Jane Howell; Drs. Judy and Kirk Patrick, Irene W. an C.B. Pennington Foundation; Newton and Betsy Thomas; The Turner Family

$100,000 Surgery Center PetSmart Charities Inc.

$10,000 - $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Abel, Annette Barton, Louise and Mike Bruce, Teri and Gerald Fontenot, Lane Grigsby, Alvin Kimble, Mary Belle Kirtland, Skeet and Teri LeBlanc, Susan and Richard Lipsey, David Manship, The Manship Family, Sherri and Matt McKay, Carolyn and Henson Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morello, Virginia and John Noland, Sharon and Gary Poirrier, Erin and Claude Reynaud, Nadine Carter Russell, Chuck an Jerry Schwing Family Fund, Mary Ann Sternberg

$1,000 – $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adley, Diane Allen, Domain Cos., Marty Engquist in honor of Taylor Dunne, William Firesheets, Andrea and Yeti Huggenvik in honor of Lexi Schlamp, Anne Elmore McKnight, Carolyn Martin, Donna Rea, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reulet, Dawnette and Stan Shelton, Johanna Whitehead

$100 - $999 Anonymous (5), Philippa Mary Alleyne, Margaret Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belcher, Anna Bourgeois, Marilyn Braymer, Tracy Burgess, Meg Capdevielle, Rachel Carroccio, Denise Claflin, Cindy and John Courville, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Determann, Jennifer and David Ellis, James Field, Jr., Paul Fontenot, Debra Freeman, Kathleen Freeman, Cindy and John Hartgerink, Jo Herbert, Heather Hernandez, Debbie Heroman, Allen Hopper, ISC, Constance Jackson, Martha and Joseph Juban, Dr. and Mrs. Roy Kadair, Margo Kadair, Mary Koontz, Cammie Lapenas, Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Levy, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mathiesen, Keith McClure, Lisa and David McCollister, Linda and Paul McKinstry, Markham McKnight, Mr. and Mrs. William McMahon, Debra and Hunt Odom, Barbara Olinde, Carrie and Santiago Pena, Deborah and Gary Pickell, Catherine Poddar, John Robinson, Christopher Suba, Laura Sweeney, Carol and Gary TerHaar, Cortney Wagner, Charyn Weaver, Alexis Wiley

Capital Campaign Scheduled Monthly Givers
Susan Devillier, Paige Heurtin, Jennifer Morris, Gwen Palagi

*Donors over $10,000 are shown each quarter.  Donors below $9,999 are new in 2017.

General Fund - Individual and Foundation Giving

$10,000 – $99,999 Anonymous, Elinor Patterson Baker, Catherine Coates and Brian Hales, Beverly and Dudley Coates, John and Kristina Miremont,

$5,000 - $9,999 Camille Coates, Teri and Gerald Fontenot, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaiser, Anne Elmore McKnight
$1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous, Amber Beatty, Beth and David Brewster, Cathy and John Dardenne, Ryan Enquist, Donna Lyle DiChiara,Tiffany and Daryl Ellis, Kristen Gruba, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaiser, Carole Lamar, Mark Matte, Ty McMains, Jane and John Mulherin, Virginia and John Noland Winifred and Kevin Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reulet

$500 - $999 Anonymous, Meredith Hathorn, Nancy Honeycutt, Sandra Hopson, Jennifer Luse, Carolyn Martin, Leah Messer, Daniel Miremont, Vera Olds, Betty and Ward Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quinn, Anne Russo, Marcy Sasser, Cary Saurage

$100 - $499 Anonymous (6), Antonia and Paul Dixon, Irene Koenen, Robert Lawrence and David Gray, Carla Schild, William Dupon, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Moreland, IV, Karen Venable, Dr. and Mrs. Joel Baines, Carol and Scott Brandenburg, Beth Brewster, Stacey and Mark Hodges, Connie Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Miller, Carla and Michael Murray, Angela Rozas, John Runnels, Steve and Jamie Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomas, Louise and Michael Bruce, Cheryl Andrews, Teri Fontenot, Sophie Hill, Margo Mackenzie, Crystal and Jason Marks, Gwen Palagi, Jeanne Poe, Melanie and Scott Rabenhorst, Claudia Ogden, Patricia and John Branch, Danny Daniel, Dr. and Mrs. James Doll, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farrell, Bonnie Gaudin, Marci Hankins, Margaret and Daniel Langlois, Lih-Lain Lin, Jane and John Mulherin, Pete Newton, Amanda Ranck, Beverly Rodriguez, Lynnel and Kyle Ruckert, Mr. and Mrs. J. Noland Singletary, Glenda Teagle, Pamela and Charles Vest, Wendy Wolfson, Ann Carmouche, Stephanie and Steve Allison, Cheryl and Craig Andrews, Denise Claflin, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Determann, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Felps, Dr. and Mrs. Louis Hargus, Theresa James, Kathleen and Steven Judice, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kerr, Mary Koontz, Charleen and Don Landry, Fara and Beau Mabrey, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz McCameron, Margie Montgomery, Claudette Oster, Tianna and Stephan Powers, Camilla Pugh, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reeves, Margaret and Randolph Rice, Milissa and Gordon Robertson, Caroline and Steward Ross, Dawnette Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ross Shuffield, Jr., F. McLaurin Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. William White, Jr., Leslie Williamson

Scheduled Monthly Givers Anonymous Donor 3, Ken Aaron, Suzanne Alban, Laura Albarez, Philippa Mary Alleyne, Kristen Almerico, Cheryl Andrews, Rachel Bogle, Gerry Boudreaux, Geoffrey Bove, Camille Broadhurst, Corinne Brumfield, Tracy Burgess, Laura Burks, Yun-Chieh Chou, Morgan Comeaux, Debra Contreras-Whaley, Greta and Ray Corona, Suzanne Curle, Susan Devillier, Bridget Devlin, Emily Dixon, Gerri Dominguez, Kimberly Esposito, Amanda Floyd, Debra Freeman, Lexie Guistwhite, Natalia Hernandez, Anthony Ioppolo, Audra Jones, Jo Ellen Kearny, Kelley Keegan, Kimberly Legaux, Chang Liu, Andrew Lofaso, Preslie Long, Michael Loveless, Cheryl Lyman, Brandon Martin, Susie Massey, Scott McKnight, Ashley Mick, Vera Olds, Elissa O’Neal, Vera Olds, Carrie and Santiago Pena, Richard Perilloux, John Protevi, Jacy Rawls,  Ashley Smith-McDonner, Camille Salters, Jennifer Smith,  Catherine Stevens, Breezy Stott, Elizabeth Tempin, Lisa Terrell, L.L. Thompson, Angela Toney, Peggy Tucker, Leslie Tuttle,  Caroline Ware, Tommy Weeks, Karen Whatley, Kathy and Michael Williford

Corporate and Community Giving and Grantmaking

Aetna Foundation, Albemarle Foundation, AmazonSmile Foundation, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Ariel's Promise, Inc., ATT, Baton Rouge Blues Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Bistro Byronz, Chesteen & Associates LLC, Coalition of Louisiana Animal Advocates Inc., Emergent Method LLC, First Baptist Church of Slidell, First United Methodist Church, Geaux Downtown BR, GreaterGood.org, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Kaiser Permanente, Kendra Scott LLC, LANO (Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations), Lava Cantina Downtown BR, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Network for Good, Pet Overpopulation Advisory Council, Petfinder Foundation, Petz LLC, Retreat Home and Lifestyle Store, Robinson Brothers, Runnels School Inc., Southern Spice Shop LLC, Stanley Black & Decker Inc., Taylor Contract LLC, Team Honda, Textron Inc., The Advocate, The Bulldog BR, LLC, The Pet'z Plaza, LLC, The Talbots Inc., The USA Bouquet LLC, Tin Roof Brewing Company LLC, UBS Financial Services, Inc, United Health Group, Varsity Sports, Watermark Baton Rouge, Whole Foods Market

Honorariums and Memorial Gifts

In honor of Renee Bacher: Silvia DeWitt
In honor of Claire Bergeron: Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Collins
In honor of the Brumfield Family: Mrs. Maureen Head
In honor of Trey and Amber Cefalu: Cameron Simmons
In honor of Taylor Dunne: Marty and John Engquist
In honor of Dr. Clarence & Edith Hackett: Bill & Margaret D'Armond, Paige Heurtin
In honor of Ryan Heck: Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Alvarez
In honor of Amy Hewitt: Trevor Hardy
In honor of Jacinta and Cheryl: Pauline Clark
In honor of Jack Bauear Blue: Stacey Greaud
In honor of June Pulliam and Taij Devon: Susan Bueche and Lee Eisenberg, Jean Rohloff
In honor of Jennifer L. Jenkins: Sandra Brown
In honor of Dana Kahn: Donald E. Davis
In honor of Randall Kolb: Paula Hoffman
In honor of Carole Lamar: Courtney Leader
In honor of Rylee Landry: Cathy Gautreaux
In honor of Maggie: Anne Maxwell
In honor of Vera Olds: Anonymous Donor
In honor of Vera Olds: Luce Family
In honor of Romeo, the cat: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thomas
In honor of Maureen Sause: Nicole Fawley
In honor of Edmund and Kathy Schrenk: Carolyn Feinberg
In honor of Stella: Charlene and Stan Montelaro
In honor of Damon, Kristen and Zeppie Sunde: Tara Sunde
In honor of Eve Turek: Carla Waugh
In honor of Douglas Williams: Leslie Spencer

In memory of April Accardo: Jan Crifasi
In memory of pet Alle': Barbara Beckman
In memory of Annabelle and Annie: Charles Mock
In memory of Lauren A. Beebe, DVM: Burt Family
In memory of Ronnie Benton: Barbara Benton
In memory of pet Blaine Ramone Knight: Ali Bagbey
In memory of Bobby: Anonymous
In memory of Cynthia Boucher: Connie David
In memory of William F. Bruce: Kim Sangari
In memory of Newfoundland Kilyka's Major Peter Bruin: Katherine and Earl Vaughan
In memory of pet Chance Buckhalter: Shawn O'Brien
In memory of Robert Lee Bundick II: Anonymous (2), Butch and Judy Noland, Jan Roime, Mr. and Mrs. Milford Wampold
In memory of Emmitt Cavalier: Mary Cavalier
In memory of Peggy Jean Chalaron: Anonymous (2), Alma Dawson, Daphne Chalaron, Charlotte Gandy, Emily Goodin, Rebekah Jones, Jan and Cornell Tramontana, Amity Worrel
In memory of pet Chance Buckhalter: Shawn O'Brien
In memory of pet Cheddar: Kira McAllister
In memory of Cobalt Possa, Furball King 2015: Cullen Clement
In memory of Tucker Daigle: Melissa Curry, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Curry
In memory of Patricia DeLoach: Bobie McAllen
In memory of Rubye Engquist: Joyce Kennedy, Louise and John Major, Charles Schwing, Rosalie Strickland
In memory of Gladys: Heather Hearne
In memory of Peggy Gladney Guidroz: Cary Saurage
In memory of Josh Haase: Donald Haase
In memory of Julie Hawkland: H.E. Chesteen, III
In memory of Henry, the first Fur Ball mascot: Amanda Vincent
In memory of Henry, the first Fur Ball king: Christel and William Slaughter
In memory of Bettye Hirsch: Anonymous (3), Richard Bombet, Marilyn Firestone, James Gambill, Ginger and Jerry Held, Carole Katz, Elise and Charles Kaufman, S. Kaufman, A.K. and Frances McInnis Memorial Fund, Bunker Medbery, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Nachman, Charlotte Wright
In memory of Theresa Holten: Anonymous Donor
In memory of Katie Keogh: Catherine Coates and Brian Hales
In memory of Kate Lemon: Peggy Duerr
In memory of Jeremy Lockett: Jenny Blair, Stephanie Eberts, Bonnie Guelfo
In memory of Kit & Catherine Luce: Jennifer Luse
In memory of Buddy and Mae Mae: Margaret Tooke and Glenn Morris
In memory of Patricia Accardo Millican: Janelle and Ken Treaccar
In memory of Moe: Barbara Benton
In memory of Charlie Montalvo-Sanders: Mary Murphy
In memory of Richard Moore: Sharon and Wesley Parrott
In memory of Joe Morgan: Rosemary Campbell
In memory of Daquiri, Butterscotch, Jake & Munchkin: Milissa and Gordon Robertson
In memory of Lisi Olivier: Polly Feinberg
In memory of Oscar: Jessica Foley
In memory of Jackie "Jackie O" Roush-Mooney: David Mooney
In memory of Charlie Montalvo-Sanders: Mary Murphy
In memory of Sasha: Charlene Montelaro
In memory of Sunshine Sunny Saurage: Melissa Curry
In memory of Sherman: Jill Friloux
In memory of Gordon K. Slack: Stella Nesanovich
In memory of Sunshine: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Curry
In memory of Lexi Tharp: Margaret Tooke and Glen Morris
In memory of Adriana Toro-Zain: Olivia Risher, Sandra Zaid
In memory of cat Francis Trahan: Nancy Trahan

Fur Ball 2017 Sponsors

Title Sponsors    
Cherie & Rob Arkley, Lamar    Advertising, Mansurs on the Boulevard, Vera Olds, Petz Plaza    
Gold Sponsors    
Absolut., Cathy Coates & Brian Hales, inRegister, Jameson, Kenwood Vineyards    
Silver Sponsors    
Albemarle Foundation, Amelia Fine Properties, Baton Rouge Printing, BTR Baton Rouge Metro Airport, Burns Realtors & Co., Celtic Studios, Ann Connelly Fine Art, Event Rentals, Guarantee Restoration Services, Helow Productions, Lee Michaels, The Purdin-Standish Family, The Paul Thompson Group at Morgan Stanley, Truly Haute, John Turner & Jerry Fischer, Tyler & Possa  

Beer Fest 2017 Sponsors

102.5 WFMF, DIG, Geaux Downtown, Guarantee Restoration, Lamar Advertising, Stantec, Visit Baton Rouge