2016 Donors

CAA would not be able to do what we do without the support of individuals and businesses in our community. Some donate for sick or injured animals. Others pitch in to help us cover simple but important expenses like office supplies and truck repairs.  Several give repetitively. We also receive personal deliveries or Amazon shipments of needed items like blankets, towels, newspapers, food and more. Many, many contribute under $100. We appreciate each and every one! This page will show monetary gifts of $100 and more. We thank you one and all.

Special note to the April - December listings:  Baton Rouge's historic flood was in August 2016. We received donations from all over the country wanting to help the animals of our parish.  Over 2,200 contributions were received on our website alone, not including mail-in donations and the delivery of gift items. We have been humbled by this generosity.  

We want to recognize donors correctly! If you are listed incorrectly, or if you are not listed and should be, please contact us so we can make it right. Email inquiries@caabr.org

October 1 - December 31, 2016


Capital Campaign - #BucksForPuck!*

$3,000,000 Baton Rouge Area Foundation

$2,000,000 - $2,999,999 Carole and Charlie Lamar

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 Tom and Lisa Adamek, Louisiana State University

$500,000 - $999,999 Antunovich Associates, Lemoine Construction

$250,000 - $499,999 Commercial Properties, Vera Olds, Irene W. & C.B. Pennington Foundation, The Reilly Family, Jennifer and Sean Reilly Family Fund, Stantec Engineering

$100,000 – $249,999 Marianna Barber in memory of Buck Barber; Nadine Russell Carter; Cathy, Holly and Camille Coates in honor of their parents; The Frost Foundation in honor of Mary Jane Howell; Drs. Judy and Kirk Patrick, Irene W. an C.B. Pennington Foundation, Newton and Betsy Thomas; The Turner Family

$10,000 - $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Abel, Annette Barton, Louise and Mike Bruce, Teri and Gerald Fontenot, Mr. Alvin Kimble, Skeet and Teri LeBlanc, Susan and Richard Lipsey, David Manship, The Manship Family, Sherri and Matt McKay, Carolyn and Henson Moore, Virginia and John Noland, Sharon and Gary Poirrier, Erin and Claude Reynaud, Nadine Carter Russell, Mary Ann Sternberg

$1,000 – $9,999  Claudia Adley, Hermann Moyse, III, Jane and John Mulherin

$100 - $999 Pamela Babcock, Connie David, Domain Cos. Management, Jade Ethridge, Penny Hoz, Margo Kadair, Mr. and Mrs. Frank  McArthur (in honor of Charlie Lamar),Sue Steib, Kristin Thompson, Darla Weisen

Capital Campaign Scheduled Monthly Givers
Tracy Burgess in honor of Laurie Drummond, Renee Chatelain, Paige Heurtin in honor of Renee Bacher, Kelley Keegan, Jennifer Morris, Gwen Palagi

*Donors over $10,000 are shown each quarter. Donors below $9,999 are new this quarter

General Fund - Individual and Foundation Giving

$10,000 – $99,999 Catherine Coates, Beverly and Dudley Coates, John and Kristina Miremont, Carole and Charles Lamar

$5,000 - $9,999 Camille Coates, Engquist Family, Naomi Montrue Jones Smith Estate

$1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous Donor (3), Matthew Edwards, Bonnie Gordon, Jennifer McInelly, Maureen and Michael Sause, Ellie Skillman, Winifred and Kevin Reilly

$500 - $999 Catherine Coates, Mary Eldridge, Ann Maxwell, Kathleen and Dan O'Leary, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quinn, Mr. and Alvin Rotenberg, Leslie Tuttle

$100 - $499 Anonymous Donor (4), Drew Lamonica Arms, Lisa Buoncuore, Daniel Cohen, Jan Crifasi, Laura Davis, Jennifer Dietz, John Doiron, Dr. and Mrs. N. James Doll, Ann Edelman, William Edwards, West Flanagan, Jamie Fontenot, Frederic Gaschen, Christopher Green, Abby Knight,  Leigh Lamonica, Jean Ann and Davis Boyce LaNasa, Carol and Wallace Little, Kristina Mazza,  Mr. and Mrs. Fritz McCameron,  Carrie Mehdi, Donna and Sam Meyers, Penny Miller, Rita and Gary Mockler, Terrice and Joseph  Moore, Pete Newton, Denise Nix, Caren Pourciau, Angela Radle, Rhonda and Fred Robillard, Mr. and Mrs. W. Ross Shuffield, Jr., Rebecca Sisk, Suzanne Tessier, Beth and Stephen Tope, Michelle Vannoy, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Vilardo, Mr. and Mrs. J. Noland Singletary, Thomas Welborn, William Wilcox

Scheduled Monthly Givers
Anonymous Donor (3), Ken Aaron, Laura Albarez, Philippa Mary Alleyne, Cheryl Andrews, Gerry Boudreaux, Corinne Brumfield, Laura Burks, Suzanne Curle, Susan Devillier, Kimberly Esposito, Jo Ellen Kearny, Preslie Long, Michael Loveless, Brandon Martin, M. Scott McKnight, Richard Perilloux, Ashley Smith-McDonner, Catherine Stevens, Carrie & Santiago Pena, Tommy Weeks, Kathy Williford

Corporate and Community Giving and Grantmaking

Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Allstate / The Giving Campaign, AmazonSmile Foundation, Apple, Inc., AT&T, Best Friends Animal Society, Companion Animal Practices of North America, Corks N Canvas, LLC, Emanuel Synagogue, Dentons Law Firm of Washington, DC, FINRA, Foster Corporation Employees, GoFundMe, International-Matex Tank Terminals LLC, Jupiter Community High School, KPMB, Marathon Petroleum Co LP, NOLA Media Group, Petfinder Foundation, PetSmart Charities Inc, Salesforce.org, The Petco Foundation, United Health Group, University Laboratory School

Honorariums and Memorial Gifts

Anonymous Donor: in honor of Vera Olds
Anonymous Donor: in honor of Jasmine, Clover and Pansy
Anonymous Donor: in honor of Oscar, Willie and Elwood
Anonymous Donor: In honor of Kristi, Brendan, Sebastian and Lola
Christy D'Armond: In honor of Bill and Margaret
Carolyn Feinberg: In honor of Edmund and Kathy Schrenk
Victor Harvey: In honor of Katie Tuttle
Maureen Head: In honor of the Brumfield Family for the holidays
Connie Jackson: In honor of my special cat, Peter, and all lost, missing and beloved cats
Irene Koenen: In honor of our dog Ace
Steven LeVan: In honor of Jonathan Richards and Jeremy Orgeron
Kristin Moses: In honor of Derby, adopted from CAA in August 2014
Patricia Patterson: In honor of Amber Lodell and Family, Garrett Sheehan & Lauren Sheehan
Carmen Schroeder: In honor of Tammye Lynn
Charles Spencer: In honor of John and Cathy Austin
Anonymous Donor: In memory of Gracie
Leslie Austin: In memory of Friend Austin
Patricia Branch: In memory of Drac and Lucy
Robert Carpenter: In memory of Tzena Ramona Carpenter
LaJuana Doughty: In memory of Megan
Sally Evans: In memory of Leonarde Henry
Jill Friloux: In memory of Sherman
Robyn Hawkes: In memory of Peper
Nancy Honeycutt: In memory of Eliot
Patti Meredith: In memory of Duke
Donna and Sam Meyers: In memory of son Sean
Deborah Perkins: In memory of Bean
Milissa Robertson: In memory of Dequiri, Butterscotch, Jake & Munchkin
Arlene Roy: In memory of Bill Roy
Breezy Stott: In memory of Boudreaux (Stott)
Amy Tolivar: In memory of Taffy
Karen Venable: In memory of Joseph E. Venable
Deborah Whitfield: In memory of Danny
Beverly Willison: In memory of Sean Meyers
Jennifer Wood: In memory of her mother who passed away on December 3, 2016
In memory of Dr. Elizabeth Oliver: Mary Louise Donalson, Polly Feinbeg
In memory of Wally and Annie: Grannis Family
In memory of Willard and Ann Martin: Michael Rayburn
In memory of Willard Wallace Martin, Sr.: Judy Amick, Joseph Antunovich, Fred Beebe, G. Blane Clark, Entegrion, Inc., Lisa Gorham, J. Gerard Jolly, Perry Leslie, Mary Leah Omdal, Todd Waguespack

Beer Fest 2017 Sponsors

Guarantee Service Team, Camp Bow Wow, Matthew Edwards


April 1 - September 30, 2016



$2,000,000 - $2,999,999 Carole and Charlie Lamar

$1,000,000 - $1,999,999 Tom and Lisa Adamek, Louisiana State University

$500,000 - $999,999  Antunovich Associates, Lemoine Construction

$250,000 - $499,999 Commercial Properties, Vera Olds, Irene W. & C.B. Pennington Foundation, The Reilly Family, Stantec Engineering

$100,000 – $249,999 Marianna Barber in memory of Buck Barber, Nadine Russell Carter; Cathy, Holly and Camille Coates in honor of their parents; The Frost Foundation in honor of Mary Jane Howell; Judy and Kirk Patrick, Newton and Betsy Thomas; The Turner Family

$10,000 - $99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Abel, Annette Barton, Louise and Mike Bruce, Teri and Gerald Fontenot, Mr. Alvin Kimble, Skeet and Teri LeBlanc, Susan and Richard Lipsey, David Manship, The Manship Family, Sherri and Matt McKay, Carolyn and Henson Moore, Virginia and John Noland, Sharon and Gary Poirrier, Erin and Claude Reynaud, Mary Ann Sternberg

$1,000 – $9,999 Princeton Bardwell, Alicia Belcher, Linda Bergin, Mary Kay and Terrell Brown, Catherine Coates, Suzanne Curle, Catherine and John Dardenne, Barbara Granniss, Nicholas Leader, Manda Packing Company LLC, Markham McKnight, Brandon Monaghan, Alvin Rotenberg, Kim and Mike Wampold, Dr. Wendy Wolfson

$100 - $999 Laura Acosta, Ugur Adams, Cheryl Andrews, Sharon Andrews, Carlen Arnett, Stepheny Autin, Renee Bacher, Michael Bacher, Bettsie Baker-Miller, Nancy and Lionel Barber, Allison Beard, Michael Behnke and the Distek employees, Andrew Bernstein, Joffa Braymer, Beth Brewster, JB Broussard, Louise Bruce, Paul Burns, Premila Burns, Kathryn Carroll, Gina Chaison, Peggy Chalaron, Morgan Charlesworth, Renee Chatelain, Mary Beth Chevalier, Cheryl Coleman, Vicki Coulson-Vance, Kristina Creighton, Jan Crifasi, Danny Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. William D'Armond, Janice Day, Kerry Denny, Janice Derbes, Kevin Dinkel, Ronlyn Domingue, Carolyn and Dennis Donegan, Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor, Susan Eaton, Laurie Falcon, Elise Falgout, Stephen Font, Sharon Fretwell, Marc Friedfertig, Stephanie Ginsberg, Claudia Golden, Julie Gordon, Brian Hales, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harper, Cynthia Hartgerink, Al Hemmer, Cate Heroman, Kelly Hickerson, Sarah Hicks, Paula Hoffman, Elizabeth Holland, Christy Hooper, Joseph Hynes, C. Alan Jennings, Libby Johnson Crespo, Kimberly Joubert, Mary Terrell Joseph, Judy Kahn, Hal Kilshaw, Susan Kirkpatrick, Walter Kirtland, Abby Knight, Nancy Koerbel, Jane Brody Koenke, Carole Lamar, Charles W Lamar III, Shawn Loy, Rachel Maceiras, Elizabeth Mangham, Susan Marvin, Margaret McArdle, James McIlwain, Phyllis McLaurin, Frederick McMullan, Kristina Miremont, Stephanie Moore, Pennie Nichols, Robin Neil, Laurie Nutter, Rudy Odom, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ohmstede, J. Kaye Oldner and the Original Salsa, Glen and Carol Olds, Susan and Rusty Olds, Vera Olds, Joni Orgeron, Diane Owen, Heather Palmer, Valerie Patout, Libby Paxton, Sarah Picou, Sharon Pol, Camilla Pugh, Wade Randolph, Cathy Richard, Marisa Robertson, Kim Sangari, Brooklyn Schlamp, Erica Schultz, Julie Seaman, Julie Sheffield, William Silvia, Mary Margaret Singer, Mary Sue Slack, Betina Slataper, Edward Smith, Ruth Smith, Victoria Smith, Tim Sorrell, Amy Spellman, Daniel Stauffer, Ann Storey, Daniel Stauffer, Jane Swift, Linda and Frank Talluto, Suzanne Trahan, Leslie Tuttle, Michelle Vannoy, Sheetal Verma-Bueche, Charles Vest, Lawrence Wade, Coleen Weeks, Karen Whatley, Eric White, Trudy Wickham and the staff at Coast Transit Authority, Karen Williams, Martha Williams, Kerma and Steven Williamson, Wendy Willis, Nancy Woodruff, Lauren Yaffe, Lisa Zung- Schwartz

General Fund - Individual and Foundation Giving

$25,000 Lisa and Tom Adamek

$5,000 - $9,999 Catherine Coates, Teri and Geral Fontenot, Vera Olds, Julie Seaman

 $1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous (2), Diane Allen, Arthur Baker, Carla Bowles, Catherine Coates, Holly Coates, Glenn & Linda Collins, Donna Lyle DiChiara, Judy Day, Darryl Ellis, Hannah Goldman, Karen Hashley, Ava and Cordell Haymon, Penelope Hoz, Glen Mccormick, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reulet, Colette Scag

$500 - $999 Anonymous (3) Renee Boicourt, William Bronchick, Premila Burns, Camille Coates, Cathy DuPre, Dorothy Duval, M. Lenore Feeney, Elizabeth Floyd, Joni Friedmann, Theresa Gallion, Cherie Gilliam,  Wendy Greeney, Karen Grundy, Sharon Hennessey, Thomas Hicks, Nicholas and Courtney Leader, Josephine Marx, Neeraj Parasher, Caren Pourciau, Ronald I Rainey, Ryan Reeves, Kristine Reynolds and Zweiacker & Associates, Ruth Schwinn and NRG, Rami Sharkey and Snowball Stand New Orleans, Bryan Stirewalt, Jason Vining, Theresa Vogelsang, Levi and Darla Wiget

$100 - $499 Anonymous (38) Carmen Abad-Fitts, Ethel and Russell Abadie, Claudia Adley, Armon Agheli, Lizete Alcalai, Melanie Algermissen, George and Diana Allen, Joseph Ambat, Amanda Andrade, Cheryl Andrews, Cheryl and Craig Andrews, Adrienne Auerbach, Laura Aune, Margaret Austin, Debra Avella, April Avnayim, Jennifer Ayers, William Baird, Daniel Baldwin, Cynthia Banister, Richard Barfield, Sara Barfield, Ron Barlow, John Barnette, Avery Bassich, Chip Bates, Carolyn Bayle, Stephen Bensman, Barbara Benton, Barbara Benton, Stephanie Bethea, Jacquelyn Bialo, Lesley Blackwood, Paige Blanchard, Victor Blanchard, Nancy Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bowlds, Jennifer Boyle, Deborah Bradford, Terry Bradshaw, Stacy Branyan, Jillian Brazel, Harvey Breier, Jennie & Darin Brewster, Elizabeth Bronte, Stephanie Brownie, Brooke Browning, Ed Buckley, Patricia Buker, Shelia Bunch, Lisa Buoncuore, Jennifer Burgess, Jennifer Byrden, Aniesh C, Bessie R Calmes, Rosa Carly Braud, Michael Campagna, Mary Carpenter, Phyllis Carswell, Jack Carter, Mary Lee Carver, Margaret Chamberlain, Carolyn Chapman, Janis and Edward Cherry, Daniel Church, Denise Claflin, Claire Coco, Bruce Cohen, Denise Cohn, Mary Jane Cole,  Columbia Sportswear and their employees, Antonia Comer, Stephanie Cooper, KIm Copeland, Stephanie Corso, Larry Coulter, Monica Courville, Mary Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Crifasi, Bruce Cuttler, Stefani Cvetkovska, Andrew Daglas, Edmund Daley, Kelly Darnell, Donna Davilla, Ann Davis, Janis Denham, Stephen DeStefano, Mr. and Mrs. James Dimperio, Pamela Dixon, Natalie Dominguez, Barbara Donovan, Mr. and Mrs. Donovan, Jennifer Donsante, Jana Dorsey, Bernie Dracopoli, Susan  W Dunbar, Erica Dupuy, Tracey Edler, Arlene Edwards, William Edwards, Kathryn Ellis, Martha Engquist, Jean Eno, Pam Epstein, Sally Evans, Thomas Farrell, Sarah Faulkner, Susan Feist, Vickie Fenn, Thomas Ferguson, J A Fitzpatrick, Amanda Folse, Paul Fontenot, Tanjia Foster, Kellye French, Sharon Fuller, Michelle Gabeler, Pharilda Galloway, Edward Gamwell, Anita Ganucheau, Sandra Garbisch, Debra Garver, Fran Gauthier, Brian Giandelone, Gloria Godo, Maria Elena Gomez, Kristine Gonzales, Denise Goodman, Shannon Gordon, Bridget Gorman, Mary Ann Green, Mollie Green, Cheryl Griffin, Janice Griglack, Janene Grodesky, Annick Guilmot,  Gunsafe Firearms Instructors, Jennifer Hamilton, Judy Harrell, Lawrence Harris, Paul Harry, Sheila Ward and Ray Harry, Patricia Hawes, Miriam and Jay Hendrickson, Mary Herron, Marianne Heyden, Susan Hines, Susan Hoffer, Eric Holloman, Anne Holmes, Paul Holmetoft, Veronica Hooks, Janet Hopkins, Roi-Lynne Hulin, Kathryn Hunter and Blackbird Letter Press, Susan Hutchison,  Insomnia Cookies, Theresa James, Marlene Jaskari,  Jecobie Roberts Productions, Alex Jivan, Judy Kahn, Jullie Kasle, Helen Katz, Karen Katz, Kim Kaufmann, Joellen Kearny, Lisa Keene, Alison Kelly, Lauren Kelly, Julie Kipp, Corey Knight, Audrey Koocher, Michelle Korrell, Ashley Krause, Susan Krevsky, Gretchen D Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Darin Kwasniewski, Frank Lair, Leigh Lamonica, Ann and Murray Lang, Lois Lastinger, William Lay, Diane Leinius, Julianne Lessig, Paula Levine, Ken Levy, Kurt Lieber, MIchael Lin, Sharleen Lindeman, Kristin Linoski, Ann Lobello, Gwen Lockett, Gwen Lockett, Lorena Lopez, Paula Lowry, Emily lumpkin, Lee A Mack, Margo Mackenzie, Pauline Mahoney, Carrie Maiorano, Claire and Rich Major, Stephanie Marcello, Marina Margolina, Anthony Markiewicz, Chris Marsh, James Mautner, Jean McArthur, Laura McCarthy, Janalee McClendon, Karen McCord, Michele  K McFarland, Larry McKenzie, Scott McKnight, Catherine McMichael, Dale Messina, Glenn Meter, Michael Meyer, Sean Meyers, Barbara Miller, Bonnie Miller, Danny and Lynne Miller, Donna Mohr, Kelly Mondello, Carrie Montalto, Kara Moody, Debbie Morales, Gregg & Deirdre Morris, Emily Mungall, Emily Mungall, A E Mura, Catherine Murphy, Shannon Murphy, Robert Murray, Karin Murry, Susan Muscarella, Paula Nason, Matthew Nelson, Pete and Carol Newton, Erin Niebrzydowski, Katherine Norris, Shawn O'Brien, Juliette Oconnor, Carolyn Oefelein, Deborah Ogden Smith, Vera Olds, Karen Olson, Judith Osborn, Diane Adele Owen, Jeff Paige, Irene Pallais, Cristina Paredes, Michael Patterson, Steven Paulson, William Percival, Noreen Pillitteri, Alberto Pimpinelli, Rosanna Poret, Cathleen Profitko, Catherine Ramsey, Jeri Reed, Karen Rhodes, Jim Rinaldo, Jenine Ritter, Keith and Michelle Robbins, Nancy Roberts, Sarah Roberts, Milissa Robertson, Patricia Robertson, Shawna Rocknich, Henry Rogers, Jill Rosa, Tracy Rosen, Kyle Ruf, Jose Ruiz, Lindsay Russell, Allison Sacerdote-Velat, Marianne Sacket, Frank Sagnibene, Lynne Scheiner, David Schiavoni-Exman, Daniel Schilling, Lisa Schwartz, Steven and Nancy Scott, Linda Shaw, Linda and Charles Shields, Abby Sidebottom, Susan Sills, Mr. and Mrs. William Silvia, Thomas Sims, Polina Skibinskaya, Jennifer Smith, Emilie Soileau, Michelle Sommers, Sonja Lee Sporleder, Bret Caron Stan Caron, Laura Stanley, Linda and Richard Stickney, Rita Sweeney, Kimberly Taliaferro, Bradley Tate, Adrienne Taylor, Christine Teneralli, Lanny Thomas, Laura and Grady Hornton, Mary M. Tidwell, Mary Tigner-Rasanen, William Tomlinson, Paula Traber, Leigh Truitt, Jason Tudor, Lou Tungol, Sue Turner, Stacy Tusia, Corinne Tylka, Janice A Untener, Mr. and Mrs. Geary Vance, Kelly Vazhappilly, Rebecca Vernon, Susan Voigt, Ann Wagner, Jennifer Walker, Barbara Wans, Claudia Wasch, Shelley Watson, Nancy Weiss, Bryan White, Elizabeth White, John Williams and his company collection, Ellen Wilson, Karen Windus, Jodi Wylie, Elaine Zuniga

Scheduled Monthly Givers

Anonymous, Philippa Mary Alleyne, Gerry Boudreaux, Corinne Brumfield, Kimberly Esposito, Jo Ellen Kearny, Preslie Long, Michael Loveless, Brandon Martin, M. Scott McKnight, Richard Perillous, Ashley Smith-McDonner, Catherine Stevens, Carrie & Santiago Pena, Tommy Weeks, Kathy Williford

Honorariums and Memorial Gifts

Janet Andrus: In honor of pets Bailey and Indigo
Anonymous: In honor of Pets Chico, Little Dos and Tiger
Dana Baggs: In honor of Jeffrey and Fox Baggs
Jessie Bailey: In honor of Melissa Goodman
Alicia and Denver Benton: In honor of Theresa Singletary
Noah Bickford: In honor of Tank Bickford
Jenna Borden: In honor of Damon Wolf
Mary Kay and Terrell Brown: In honor of Carolyn Martin
Sandra Brown: In honor of Jennifer Lynell Jenkins
Mary Lee Carver: In honor of Vera Olds
Sara Caulk: In honor of pet Bella
Yvette Collins: In honor of Claire Bergeron
Kathy Crandall: In honor of Courtney Jones
Madeleine DiPalma: In honor of Theresa Gould
Kimberly and David Dismukes: In honor of pets Honey Bear and Buster
Gwyn Garrison: In honor of Eric Trombly
Jewelyn Guidry: In honor of My father and mother
Ginger Haberle: In honor of the Kastner Family
Trevor Hardy: In honor of Amy Hewitt
Shannon Hugg: In honor of Madelyn Ebbecke
Robert Istre: In honor of Jennifer White's Birthday
Denise Jones: In honor of Michael Karaffa
Elise and Charles Kaufman: In honor of pet Freddy
Mary Pat and Gene Knipper: In honor of our daughter-in-law's birthday and her beloved pet Nudgie
Merry Maisel: In honor of Professor John Protevi
Mr. and Mrs. John Miremont: In honor of Kristina Miremont
Kristin and Christopher Moses: In honor of pet Derby
Heather Muller: In honor of Brenda Pepitone
Scott Nelson: In honor of Laurie Lynn Drummond
Anne Papakonstantinou: In honor of Tim Hebert
Suzanne Peaks: In honor of Deuce Peaks
T.O. Perry, Jr.: In honor of Cathy Coates
Lauren Powers: In honor of Ava Serrano's 10th birthday
Lauren Robinson: In honor of pet Posie
Alison Rubin: In honor of Elise Falgout
Lorraine Salvatore: In honor of The Zeringue Family
Carla Schild: In honor of pet Jack
Christopher Sharron: In honor of Suzie Sharron's birthday
Rebecca Erwin and Dan Spencer: In honor of James Henderson and Rusty Harris' Wedding
Jo Spinks: In honor of Joey Bunch
Jeffrey A Stanclift: In honor of Jeff Cowell
Jessica Stenz: In honor of Andy Stenz
The Levy Co. APC: In honor of Renee Bacher and Ed Smith
Joanna Wilson: In honor of Lauren McAdams
Beth Zagurski: In honor of Jennifer White's birthday
Lisa Zentz: In honor of Louisiana Rescue
Barbara Adams: In memory of Fievel, a very special cat.
Kathie and Jeff Anderson: In memory of Michael E Gould
Irene Antonucci: In memory of Saverio Victor Mazza
Andrea and Todd Blitzer: In memory of Michael Wallace
Kathy and Gary Borland: In memory of Bobby & Tommy Borland
William Boyd: In memory of Angela Cole
Eric Bullard: In memory of Jackie Bullard
Anita Byrne: In memory of Kobe Wisekal
Rosemary Campbell: In memory of Stella Daniel
Ann Carman: In memory of pet Bodhi, a beloved golden retriever
Joan Covert: In memory of George R. Covert
Dyan Dawson: In memory of Eikichi
Judy Ewell Day: In memory of pet Jeter
Mark Ditman: In memory of Wayne W. Brown D.V.M.
Anonymous Donor: In memory of Christopher Dimattia
Patricia Eaton: In memory of Diane Totty
Crystal Filiberto: In memory of Remmy Vickers
Jessica Foley: In memory of Bella
Sammie S Friedman: In memory of Dorothy Estelle Schenker
Diane Garrett: In memory of Diane Totty
Mary Gibbens: In memory of pet Sonny Doo
Robert Lawrence and David Gray: In memory of pet Inky
Morgan Guy: In memory of Molly Cassie
Linda Hartman-Reehl: In memory of Robert Hartman
Marianne Harvie: In memory of Florence Dorson
Lallie Hayes: In memory of pets Daisy, Buddy, Domino, Martha, Harley
Shirley Hebert: In memory of Deborah Browne
Phyllis Henry: In memory of Jenny Henry
Kerry Higuera: In memory of Taylor Higuera
Valda Hilliard: In memory of Alan DeMillo
Kerry Hook: In memory of Rubie Hook
Allen Hopper: In memory of Gordon Slack
Carol Hymel: In memory of pet Maggie and other fur babies
Cheryl Jacques: In memory of Herman M Jacques, Sr
Paulette Johnsey: In memory of Done E Page
Robin Kistler: In memory of My cousin, Richard Daniel Hill
Eunice Koch: In memory of pet Nawla
Maria Landry: In memory of Carli Jo LeBlanc
Zoey Lex: In memory of Shorty Marcotte
Tammie Mays: In memory of pet Templeton
Emily McInnis: In memory of Jane Chaney
Michael McKenzie: In memory of James McKenzie
Meghan Merrell: In memory of Skyla Marie
Cyndy and Jim Oliver: In memory of Lisi Oliver
Kirk and Judy Patrick: In memory of pet Chips Rotenberg
Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Perkins, Jr.: In memory of pet Bean
Monica Peters: In memory of Angel
Cynthia Phillips: In memory of Shug
Katherine Phillips: In memory of Duffy Phillips
James Plauche: In memory of Joy Plauche
Tanya Russo: In memory of Linda Cohen
Charles Schwing: In memory of Jerry Schwing
Susan Shankwitz: In memory of Gloria Shankwitz
Kelly Shotts: In memory of Tino Shotts
Lyndie Smith: In memory of Moppitt Smith
Laura Stalls: In memory of Lois Swords
 Stevens & Bickett, LLC: In memory of pet Athena
Patrick Tandy: In memory of Buck Barber
Jason Thibault: In memory of Don Thibault
Amy Tolivar: In memory of Stone Tibbets
Glen Morris and Margaret Tooke: In memory of Jack Feeney
Judith Trahan: In memory of pet Tweak
Wanda Tullier: In memory of Diane Celine Totty
Katherine and Earl Vaughan: In memory of pet Kilyka's Major Peter Bruin
Andrea Vernon: In memory of Steve Katz
Carol Wedgwood: In memory of Leroy Hornbeak Chatellier
Sue Wheeler: In memory of Sean Wheeler
Joel D Williams: In memory of Diane Totty 

Corporate and Community Giving and Grantmaking

AKC Reunite,  Alexandria Kennel Club, Alliance Bernstein Matching Gift Program, AmazonSmile Foundation, Athletes for Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, Birmingham Kennel Club Inc., Blue Ridge Dog Training Club Inc., Buffalo Wings, California Pizza Kitchen Inc, Colliers International, Columbia Sportswear Matching Gifts, Global Animal Foundation and their donors, GreaterGood.org, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Kendra Scott LLC, KS Denny Properties, LSU Chapter of Sigma Alpha Sorority, Mazda Foundation, New Oak Capital, Newton Kennel Club, Petfinder Foundation, PetSmart Charities Inc, Rhode Island Housing, Rose City Runners Club Inc., Saint Pierre's Episcopal Church, Spay Baton Rouge (CAA's community cat partner), The Domain Companies LLC, The Loft On Front, The Petco Foundation, Tuscaloosa Kennel Club Inc., UBS Financial Services

Fur Ball 2016 Sponsors

Title Sponsors
Tom and Lisa Adamek, Turner Industries, Mansurs on the Boulevard, Petz Plaza, Honey and Katie Olds, Lamar Advertising

Gold Sponsors
InRegister/225 Magazines, Suzanne Turner and Associates, Chris and Holly Reed, Tyler Possa, Republic Distributors

Silver Sponsors
Baton Rouge Printing, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Guarantee Restoration Services, John Turner and Jerry Fischer, Level Construction, Erin and Claude Reynaud, Cathy Coates and Brian Hales, Fishman Haygood/Charles Landry, Price LeBlanc Lexus/Todd Ledet, Marty and John Engquist,
Purina, Celtic Media Center, Event Rentals, Matt Edwards

Bronze Sponsors
Breazeale Sachse and Wilson LLC, The Paul R. Thompson Group at Morgan Stanley, Chase Bank, Bancorp South Insurance Agency/Scott McKnight, Acadian House Kitchen + Bath, Turnberry Place Apartments/Alicia Belcher, Eye Wander Photography, Hello Productions, Sounds Good Sound and Lighting, Cathy Dardenne, Whitney Bank, Baton Rouge Printing  


January 1 - March 31, 2016

Capital Campaign - #BucksForPuck!

$1,500,000 +  Baton Rouge Area Foundation, Carole and Charlie Lamar, Louisiana State University

$500,000 - $999,999 Antunovich Associates, Lemoine Construction

$250,000 - $499,999 Commercial Properties, Vera Olds, Irene W. & C.B. Pennington Foundation, The Reilly Family, Stantec Engineering

$100,000 – $249,999 Nadine Russell Carter; Cathy, Holly and Camille Coates; The Frost Foundation; Newton and Betsy Thomas; The Turner Family 

$10,000 - $99,999 Annette Barton, Louise and Mike Bruce, Teri and Gerald Fontenot, Susan and Richard Lipsey, David Manship, The Manship Family, Sherri and Matt McKay, Carolyn and Henson Moore, Virginia and John Noland, Mary Ann Sternberg

$1,000 – $9,999 Linda Bergin, Kim and Mike Wampold, Dr. Wendy Wolfson

General Fund - Individual and Foundation Giving

$10,000 - $24,999 Beverly and Dudley Coates

$1,000 - $2,499 Michelle Carriere, Margaret and Butch Hart, Virginia and John Noland

$250 - $499 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Blunt

$100 - $249 Anonymous, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bensman, Teressa Chustz, Dr. and Mrs. James Doll, Linda Gellatly, Marci Hankins, Ann Keogh, Mary Koontz, Lih-Lain Lin, LeeAnn Lockridge, Scott and Elizabeth McKnight, Margie Montgomery, Drs. Kirk and Judy Patrick, Caren and Dusty Pourciau, Donna Rea, Richard Richardson, Eric Sunstrom, Nancy Taylor, Margaret Thomas, Barbara Tsuie

Scheduled Monthly Givers

Anonymous, Gerry Boudreaux, Corinne Brumfield, Kimberly Esposito, Lenore Feeney, JoEllen Kearny, Preslie Long, Michael Loveless, Brandon Martin, Byran McIntire, Richard Perilloux, Ashley Smith-McDonner, Catherine Stevens, Lisa Terrell, Tommy Weeks, Kathy Williford

Honorariums and Memorial Gifts

In honor of Cathy Coates:  Liz Betz
In honor of Christel Slaughter:  Charlene Guarisco Montelaro
In honor of pet Bacon, adopted from CAA in 2014:  Pacience Smith
In honor of Teri Fontenot: Huron Corp.
In memory of Lisi Oliver:  Peter Oliver
In memory of Lauren Beebe, DVM: The Burt Family
In memory of Sugarbear Rose Kennedy, adopted from CAA and adored by George Kennedy:  Renee Bacher
In memory of Benjie Mae Byrd: Patricia Byrd
In memory of Beau and in honor of Heather Palmer and Bailey: Cindy Downen
In memory of Baby and Beau: Mr. and Mrs. Fritz McCameron
In memory of Robert Munson, Jr.:  Claire Wilson

Corporate and Community Giving and Grantmaking

Bancorp South Insurance Services, Spay Baton Rouge (CAA's community cat partner), Casey Family Program, Exxon Mobil Foundation, Kendra Scott Design, Petfinder Foundation, Apple Inc., The Bulldog BR, The Petco Foundation